By David Bowling
One of the most popular "in-demand" entertainers, Guy Bavli starred in the prime time NBC series "Phenomenon." He's also performed at prestigious entertainment venues and casinos including Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and Carnegie Hall in New York and in dozens of countries world-wide.

I had the opportunity to meet Guy at the Newport Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Fl. After we were introduced he asked me to take off my wrist watch and place it in my hand. Once I did he asked me to place my other hand over top the watch, he then placed his hand on top of mine.

He motioned with his finger indicating that he was changing the time. HE ASKED ME TO PICK A NUMBER – I PICKED 47…. He told me he was moving the second hand forward forty seven minutes.He said it might not be exact, could be forty six or forty nine, but it would change.
He removed his hand from on top of mine and I looked at my watch.  I confirmed when we started that the time was 7:00 PM; it now read 7:47 PM. 
I know for a fact this wasn't just an optical illusion. After his demonstration I went back inside for a couple of drinks and forgot about my watch. The next day I kept wondering why I was an hour early everywhere I went. I then remembered Guy and my watch. Sure enough it was forty seven minutes fast. I had to reset it.
I've gone thru every possible scenario I can think of, magnets, watch tools, etc. I couldn't see anything in his hand; even so he couldn't see this face of the watch. There's no explanation that seems possible.
Now a Floridian residing in Davie I had a chance to catch up with him again and had a lot of questions. Though I doubt that he'll answer the one I really want to know - How the hell did you change the time on my watch?
MLM – How long have you been a mentalist? Is it something you had to learn or just realized that you had a "gift"?
GB - I love people, and I love observing them. As a kid I always gave advice to my friends. I was also a very overweight kid – and my sense of humor and ability to do crazy things was helping me being the center instead of on the side. I believe that all people born the same, each with his or her personality, talent and other human abilities.
MLM – What does "Master of the Mind" mean?
GB – Master of the Mind is a name that people gave me over the years. Especially in my tours in South America people called me MASESTRO DE LA MENTE which means Master of the Mind… I liked it and soon I adopted it to be the name of my show, and also my PR. What it really means is that I mastered the mind and I show people through entertainment that our mind is capable of much more then we think it is.
MLM – What was your inspiration to become a performer?
GB – I was always fascinated by the power of the mind and always wanted to explore it. I learned a lot but everything I do is human, I just use parts of our brain and knowledge that other peoples don’t.My inspiration was to inspire… to show people that our mind is the foundation of our body and soul. We can achieve much more in life if we set our mind to it… problem is that many people do not use it. I also like to see people laugh and enjoy and more then that be amazed. My show is not about ME it is about the PEOPLE, I show them how they can do amazing things!
MLM – It seems that live shows would be more challenging that TV.  What do you enjoy most?
GB – I like both LIVE and TV and the most I like is LIVE TV.

In live shows I have the liberty to control the time and the audience and go with the flow. In my live show I incorporate modern elements of sound, light and video together with the reality that appear on stage using the audience as the STAR OF THE SHOW.

On TV, you are always under the gun of time and production restrictions. Sometimes it is a challenge to achieve mental feats that may take more time in a short time period. Since I have a lot of experience doing TV I know how to play it and use it to my advantage. I love taking small things and making them bigger then life. I like to use different elements of the mind to create different kind of effects… so the audience will always get a verity of demonstrations and experiences during a performance, rather then repeating the same things over and over again.In my show people can experience “Interactive Mind Reading”, “Telekinesis” (Moving and bending objects), “Predictions”, “Heart Stop” and other physical experiences, Mind over matter etc… 
MLM – How do feel about the show "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed"? Would you ever give away any of your secrets?
GB – The problem with a show like that is that it takes the mystery out of the magic. What I do is more of a combination of psychology, physiology, intuition and experience observing people. It is not a push a bottom machine that creates the effect – it is the mind that manipulates the reality.
The show exposes classical magic effects that may affect middle class magicians. BUT it does kill the Mystery around magic for those who like to believe in it. It is like seeing superman fly on a movie – and in the same screen seeing the blue screen he is on and that it is all graphic…
I do not support these shows, and hopes that the love of money will not make people step on others who may make a living out of it.The reality is professional magicians always improve and go forward so these shows don't effect them.
As to me… Everyone can go online and learn how to be a doctor – but they all still go to one because he knows better!
MLM – Any plans to perform at a venue here in South Florida?
GB – Yes, very much. We are currently looking for the right venue to run a show in south FL. Since I am traveling all over the world, I thought why not let my home town audiences enjoy it more…
MLM – How the hell did you change the time on my watch?

GB - I did not… you did.  It was me influencing you… going into your mind and making you do it.

And by the way, in my shows I do not take any advantage and do not reveal any personal secrets of the audience. It is all for entertainment and inspirational purposes.
And By the way... your watch is still 3 min late… take a look… J
(I did, it was only 2)